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Christian Life Coach Tools is here to challenge you to transform your mind by taking your thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ.  When you learn to do this, you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free!

Our minds (thoughts) are more powerful than we realize.  Where we are today is the whole sum of our accumulated thoughts.  We download thoughts into our brains (physical matter), and over the process of time our thoughts become “true” to us.

Christian Life Coach Tools will teach you how to challenge your thoughts using the light of Scripture to prove whether a thought is true or not.

When you learn how to take your thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ, the chains of bondage that hold us back from fulfilling God’s purpose for us are broken.

Are you willing to live out God’s purpose and go all in for God?


   Unrealized dreams and possibilities are turned into reality when CLCT are utilized!  “Coaching focuses on the present and future, possibilities, and reaching goals, getting unstuck, and turning dreams into reality.” (Quote by Gary R. Collins in his book CHRISTIAN COACHING.)
     A Coach, as defined by Frederic Hudson, Author of HANDBOOK OF COACHING, is, “someone trained and devoted to guiding others into increased competence, commitment, and confidence.”
     CLCT utilizes the power of the Trinity:  God the Father, Jesus Christ-the Word of God, and the Holy Spirit to guide into truth that leads to total transformation.

Jesus Christ is the Master Coach and he is all about transformation! How about you?

Christian Life Coach Tools Present & Future

present & future

Christian Life Coaching Tools Getting Unstuck

getting unstuck

Christian Life Coach Tools Reaching Goals

reaching goals

About me

Karrie has coached Christians to live out their God-given purpose and to overcome strongholds in order that they may live a victorious Christian life in a healthy body, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

She coaches Christians to run their race with patience, to love, and exercise compassion.  Karrie is the host of the Podcast:, “Destination Transformation”.

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    Through MOM'S TEAR

    Mrs. Karrie Hunter founded ChristianLifeCoachTools after struggling for years with oppressive thoughts.  Bible reading, walking after the Holy Spirit, and prayer led to the development of MOM”STEAR, the how-to-tools used to break free from captivity.
    What is MOM”S TEAR?

    Destination Transformation Podcast

    A podcast that deals with every day issue in peoples lives and gives practical advice. We exist to see people Follow Jesus, Love Other, and Effect Change in our communities.

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